How to add an output port in Presentation The output port is used to send task-related codes to the EEG recording computer. In this way, event onsets are coupled with the EEG recording. If no output port is specified, go to the ‘Settings’ tab in Presentation and select ‘Port’. Adding an output port can be done by clicking on ‘Add’ in the ‘Output Ports’ section. Select the Port that is specified below (listed per lab). Note that this can vary across labs. The newer systems will use an USB port instead of a parallel port. Check the BioSemi website for additional information. In E0.03, for example, an USB port is already in use (see below for settings). Below are the settings listed per lab:   For E0.28:                                 For E0.40:                                 For E0.03 (select COM5 and press on the ‘properties’ button to adjust the settings. These settings are also listed on the BioSemi website):