Open science represents the need and desire to share data, methods and ideas within science and with society (Click here for the website of the Nationaal Programma Open Science). This transparancy is crucial for the scientific process. Typically, data and methods are primarily shared via peer-reviewed publications in international scientific journals or via conferences and other meetings. However, transparancy in light of Open Science requires more than that. In order to become more transparent, several important and practical issues need to be resolved. For example, how do you share the data that you used for a paper? Should you upload it to the journal’s own repository? Or should you use the one made available by your university? What about ownership? Ethical restrictions? How can you share your methods (the task, the software)? And very important for researchers, how can people cite your methods/data etc? (see also Sites related to data management). When I worked at the Utrecht University, I worked together with datamanagement experts to develop a ways to facilitate Open Science (see Data Flow section).


But first, let’s take one step back and think about your own situation with your own studies/experiments/datasets/tasks/software: where do you store this information yourself and how do you retrieve that information after let’s say three years when you (or a student, colleague) want to redo that experiment? At some point you may benefit from a standardized way of cataloguing and storing your methods and data.

These personal and more global issues regarding data management are being addressed by many local, national, and international initiatives to facilitate Open Science.

Before many of these initiative were available, I decided to put much of my scientific stuff on my webpage. First of all, so that I myself could easily find back old stuff. Second, to get a first-person sense of what sharing and Open Science is really all about.

So welcome to My Open Science! Below I have made available experiments and methods I have used in my publications. Feel free to browse the folders below and take what you want. I have no DOIs attached to these data – just cite the relevant paper I published.

My Open Science 

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