Below is a list of YouTube videos and channels I found to be very useful.

YouTube tutorials – Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro | Green screen  – Ultra Key effect made easy in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial by Jason Lane.

This method of using a green screen is a bit different from the one of Tyler Kidd in that here you have to select the best shade of green for the ultra key and then use the aggressive setting to remove green altogether. Works very well if you have an adequate screen.

Adobe Premiere Pro | Green screen  – How to: Fix Bad Green Screens In Post UPDATE | Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 Tutorial by Tyler Kidd.

So if the first method of using agressive ultra key is not enough, you can tweak the colorfilters a bit. Just to be clear, the idea is that during the Lumetri Color steps, you move the sliders so that you capture most (or all) of your green screen.

Adobe Premiere Pro | Nesting  – WHAT is Nesting in Premiere Pro and WHY is it Important? | Basic Editing Tutorial by Austin Newman.

Adobe Premiere Pro | draw an arrow  – Adobe Premiere -Draw an Arrow in 5 Sec.Tutorial by Dark GT.

Alt + 26 (use Number pad), Alt + “X” Number to write different character. You can also use all other Unicode characters.

Adobe Premiere Pro | export single clip  – How to Export One Individual Clip from Timeline so that you can use it in other projects. Tutorial by Adobe in a Minute.

Adobe Premiere Pro | 180VR  – How to Shoot and Edit 3D (180VR) by Ben Claremont

Adobe Premiere Pro | moving movie segments –  Shows how to move movie segments one frame (alt and arrow left or right) or multiple frames (shift + alt and arrow left or right). Video by David Lindgren.

Adobe Premiere Pro | moving text and objects –  Shows how to move text (same method can be used for images etc) across the screen. Video by Adobe in a Minute

Adobe Premiere Pro | creating adjustment layers –  Shows how to Add & Use Adjustment Layers in Adobe Premiere Pro. Video by Ryan Camp.

Adobe Premiere Pro | masking –  Shows how to make a mask or cutout in Premiere (using opacity option). Video by Editors Keys.

Adobe Premiere Pro | remove noise –  Shows how to denoise your audio in Premiere (using denoise option). Video by THAT ICELANDIC GUY.

YouTube tutorials – Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop | Convert 2D logo to 3D –  Convert Your 2D Logos to 3D Logos in Photoshop by Brooker Films.

Adobe Photoshop | Convert 3D logo to 3D ROTATING logo –  Convert Your 3D logo (made using previous tutorial in my list on this site) to 3D rotating logos in Photoshop by Photoshop Art.

Note! Do not forget to make the background green (add layer, Color Picker to select background, and Paint Bucket Tool to flood the background with green) so that you can easily integrate the rotating logo (image) into your video.

YouTube tutorials – Unity 3D/VR

VR | Unity – Introduction to VR in Unity by Valem