I am a neuroscientist at the Departments of Experimental and Developmental Psychology at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

My research centers on the development of self-regulation; the ability to monitor and modulate emotions, behaviour, and thoughts, to adapt to changing circumstances. Good self-regulation is one of the best predictors of adequate adult behaviour. Importantly, self-regulation skills can be improved by training, so that early intervention has indeed beneficial effects. I’m involved the YOUth study: a large accelerated longitudinal study which consists of two cohorts (an infant cohort and an adolescent cohort) that are followed for a period of 10 years. My experience in research techniques (EEG, fMRI, DTI, VR, experimental psychology, video-recordings) combined with my knowledge on designing and setting up quality- and processing pipelines for large amounts of (meta-)data help me facilitate both researchers and data-managers in Big Data Country.

Research keywords

 Schizophrenia   OCD   bipolar disorder   Reward   motor inhibition   DMN   emotion processing   fMRI   TMS   DTI   MTI   EEG   genetics self-regulation development



A new cohort study investigating the development of children


Dysfunctional reward circuitry in obsessive-compulsive disorder

This paper has made the list as one of the most highly cited 2011 original articles for Biological Psychiatry to date.


Deep brain stimulation restores frontostriatal network activity in obsessive-compulsive disorder

This paper is published in Nature Neuroscience


Stop-signal response inhibition deficits in schizophrenia patients and their unaffected siblings

This paper published in Biological Psychiatry has received an F1000 evaluation.


Exaggerated brain activation during emotion processing in unaffected siblings of patients with schizophrenia

This poster presented at SfN2010 has received an F1000 evaluation